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2219 Bel Pre Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20906

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2219 Bel Pre Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20906

Review to "la fitness"

Jeri VanReenan
December 07, 2018

The studio floor is not clean on most days. The best yoga instructor got classes taken from her after going on vacation very disloyal. I only go to that instructor so sadly I won't be going any more. I updated from 2 to 5 stars because Jordan was responsive in getting the instructor reinstated and they are cleaning floors every am. Thank you. Also it is nice that the front desk is greating everyone coming & going.

Andres M
September 09, 2018

Chris was very informative when setting up my membership, gave me a tour of the new gym. Love this gym, just wished they had a sauna and steam room. Update 8/21/18: Took a star off for the following two reasons 1. 99% of the time the staff in the front will not greet you. Instead they are on their phones... a quick Hi with a smile would suffice. 2. The staff doesn’t re-racks the weights. I been coming here right when they open at 5am for a few weeks now and literally all the weights are everywhere.... Update 9/9/18 Everyone greets me now! 😃

Tianhua Wang
November 12, 2018

It is a new clean gym. Way better than the others nearby.

Patricia Morales
April 01, 2018

This LA Fitness is very nice and clean. Management does an excellent job making sure this facility is well kept and clean. By far the best LA Fitness I have ever been. All the staff are helpful. I was greeted by the general manager, Chris, who did a great job in giving me a tour of the gym. He made it a very pleasant experience and was very informative when telling me about their options. I highly recommend this gym!

Victor Almeida
November 07, 2018

Clean and new gym. Great atmosphere and Inlove the pool. Friendly staff and members.

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